Our Future Facility

The Warehouse Empowerment Center Inc’s is a 501C3 Nonprofit. It’s temporary facility opened in May 2019 and is only a fraction of what it will be in the future.  Currently, we can accommodate 10-15 children per day with parents until The Warehouse is built where founder, Grace Diaz, and her team can provide 24 hour empowered care for up to 200 children per day.

The Warehouse Empowerment Center will be a 24-hour Daycare which will simultaneously operate as an extremely innovative Career & Activity Center.  There is currently nothing else like it. 

In Founder Grace Diaz’s own words from personal experience and responses from a recent survey, women with small children have difficulty finding quality child care that also offers immediate short term (1 hour) and/or overnight services so they can go to work and career related events, better their education, and develop a healthy social network.  Missing appointments with potential clients, turning down business travel or networking events and many other opportunities for personal and professional growth are hindered by the lack of child care outside of regular business hours and normal daycare guidelines.  This is only half the battle.  Children from broken or single parent homes statistically do not have a good chance at a successful future like those who grow up in two parent homes.  Current child care providers simply do not offer innovative ways to promote growth and overall wholeness to help stop this cycle of poverty and broken lives from repeating itself generation after generation.  The cost to the community at large is ultimately felt by taxpayers who help support government benefits, poverty related crimes, operational expenses for homeless, mental health and addiction facilities, and jails.  Since the Florida Legislature Office of Economic and Demographic Research reports 70% of poverty level individuals in Central Florida are single families, it’s obvious that something different has to be done that helps the whole family.  Grace Diaz proposes a radical revamp of what daycare looks like as a solution to this problem and more by introducing ‘The Warehouse Empowerment Center’ into society; specifically, in Central Florida.  It’s a radical idea, and it will work!

The Warehouse Empowerment Center is one place with a massive infrastructure that can address many of the root issues facing our children and parents today.  This center will incorporate all ages of individuals and will add jobs for the local economy.  The activities of a normal day care center will now encompass preparing these families socially, economically, and mentally for richer and more meaningful lives.  There will be separate rooms where the children will go to pretend-play; working at different careers such as a hospital, news and weather room, recording studio, theatre, performing arts, shopping and even experience allowing time to for commuting from ‘home’ to work and back so they learn the importance of planning and punctuality. The children will begin to learn what they love to do at an early age, which will help them develop a vision and create goals for achieving their dreams.  Teen rooms will help keep the adolescents off the streets and in a safe environment where they can receive mentoring, guidance, career and education preparation, and fun wholesome activities to fill their time with.  For the women, there will be an area where they can receive counseling, referrals, networking opportunities, and individualized training to learn new skills.  Supportive services such as assistance in applying for public benefits will be offered; however, the anticipated overall outcome is that the families will only need assistance temporarily; the way public aid was originally intended to be utilized.  No other child care center currently offers this type of innovation with opportunity for all-inclusive and simultaneous family participation. The center will also have a quarantined area for sick children, an overnight childcare option, and the ability to utilize the center by the hour instead of having to pay whole or half day fees.  A church will be on the property as a separate building as well as a third building for hosting or renting space for community events.  The above-mentioned list is not all inclusive, so a diagram is attached to give you a visual aid and general idea of the layout. 

The Warehouse Empowerment Center will be a great asset to this and any other community that chooses to implement the idea later on.  This is a huge idea, but it’s time we stop using band aids for bullet wounds!  In closing, The Warehouse President would like to thank you for reading this. Please join her in the opportunity to support this initiative in empowering women and children to rise above poverty in America. 

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