Grace Diaz

I am currently a life coach and career coach for a wide range of clientele in Central Florida, including the Clermont and Orlando areas. My passion is to see people living as wise stewards of all their talents and resources, not just finances.  Helping people discover their path and purpose in life are some of the biggest reasons why I created Grace Diaz, LLC. Prior to its establishment, I had been an accountant for 18 years and a career consultant since 2013. I have worked with women, single mothers, and mothers with children under five years old, who wish to become entrepreneurs and to improve every aspect of their lives.

My passion for helping others has also led me to start The Warehouse Empowerment Center, a 501C3 Nonprofit to coach women with young children and help children find their passions early in life. 

Featured Article From South Lake Tablet

Local Author Grace Diaz Publishes A New Children’s Book, “Rudy Howls At The Moon”

Local business owner and author, Grace Diaz, has published her new children’s book, “Rudy Howls at the Moon”.  It is an inspirational story about a rooster who wants more than anything to be “normal” and fit in.  However, he discovers that his uniqueness is tied to his purpose and he does not have to worry about fitting in or have to change to fit in. He also learns he can be himself and still be accepted and loved for who he truly is.  The book is available as an Ebook, paperback or hardcover on and at

Grace Diaz is still a kid at heart. She loves her family and playing pretend with her children. She loves to motivate and encourage others to accept and love themselves as they are and to follow their dreams that is why she is also a Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Certified Career Transitions Coach and Financial Coach.  Grace is originally from the Dominican Republic, was raised in NYC, and now lives in South Lake County with her children. She loves to surround herself with dreamers and those who believe that anything is possible.

Grace is also the owner of The Warehouse Empowerment Center, a 501C3 Nonprofit, which helps students, single parents and entrepreneurs to match their purpose with their careers.  She also assists those in life transitions (relocation, divorce, loss of a loved one, new job or school, starting a business) to align their changes and new direction with their purpose.  You can find out more about her writing, coaching and businesses at

Article Written By South Lake Tablet Aug. 29, 2019

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